Which traditional genders roles are evident in the Great Gatsby  and to which subculture do the characters belong?

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renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Tom , Daisy, Nick, George, Myrtle, and Jordan all fit into a typical gender role on the surface. Tom and Daisy are married, as are George and Myrtle. The husbands work, the wife's don't, and the women allow the men to make decisions for them. The men take the naturally aggressive actions-Tom in everything he does, George in his attempt to avenge Myrtle's death.

Nick, Jordan, and Gatsby are also typical in their single, but looking status. They socialize at parties, date, and spend time with married friends.

The sub-groups are more interesting. Daisy and Jordan are firneds , but very different groups. Daisy has pusued no hobby, career, or sport but marriage, while Jordan has a sporting side, admits to bending the truth, and has a competitive edge (rumored to have cheated). But both these women are on the upper social level, while Myrtle is among the lower class. She does not fit in with society ladies-only tires to emulate what she thinks they do.

Tom is of the higher class, though not a very upstanding guy, Nick is respectable and has a conscience that Tom never will, and Gatsby is like Myrtle-trying to be something that society will never let him be. While he has money, he has no position in  the society. He still resides in a lower social level.

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