Which three traits of the Anglo Saxon people throughout history exist today in American society? Examples would be extremely helpful.

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There are many traits of the Anglo-Saxon community that still exist today.

The Anglo-Saxon community was ruled by democracy, and this is something that is still present in the world today. Laws were being written down with which to govern the people.

Women fought along side of the men in battle. We see women literally in combat today. In terms of society, women also go out to work and compete in the business world as well. Women could hold title to land and possessions. No one could force her to marry against her will, which are aspects of their society that exist today.

Leaders were generally heroes of some kind, and in many cases today, having a military background can be helpful in getting elected to a political position.

Though the time of the Anglo-Saxons was often considered part of the Dark Ages, this is anything but the truth. The Anglo-Saxons were great artisans, storytellers, and forward-thinking people.

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