Which three kids take Auggie on a tour of his new school?

Expert Answers
Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The three kids that take Auggie on a tour are Charlotte, Julian, and Jack Will. Mr. Pullman, the principal, chooses these three students because they have a reputation for being kind and considerate. Prior to meeting Auggie, the three students have a private meeting with Mr. Pullman. During the meeting, Mr. Pullman informs the students of Auggie's condition.

Though Mr. Pullman does his best to prepare the students for meeting Auggie, the students initially react poorly to seeing Auggie's disfigurement. However, after spending the morning together, Charlotte, Julian, and Jack Will each become more comfortable with Auggie. Charlotte spends time asking him questions about his condition and life, and she quickly becomes friendly with him. Julian remains somewhat nervous and detached, but eventually he warms to Auggie. Jack Will, initially quite mean to Auggie, eventually stops teasing the boy. By the end of sixth grade, each of these three students has developed a unique, complex, and mostly positive relationship with Auggie.