Which of these chemicals are conductive : C12H22O11, KNO3,KOH,CH3OH,K2SO4,KNO3,AgNO3?

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We are basically looking for ionic compounds versus covalent compounds.  Compounds with ionic bonds are excellent electrolytes and conduct electricity.  Compounds with covalent bonds are much weaker electrolytes and poorer conductors of electricity.  Lets look at each compound individually.

C12H22O11: This is a carbohydrate and a covalent compound.  Not conductive.

KNO3: An ionic compound.  Conductive.

KOH: An ionic compound.  Conductive.

CH3OH: This is methanol and it is covalent.  Not conductive.

K2SO4: An ionic compound. Conductive.

KNO3: This is a repeat.  See the above prior response.

AgNO3: An ionic compound. Conductive.

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