Which Theodorakis was in love with Violet Westing?

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teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hello! The Westing Game is a 1979 Newberry Medal novel by Ellen Raskin. It is a murder mystery: with the death of Sam Westing, owner of the Westing estate and Westing Paper Products, sixteen heirs are called up to solve Sam's supposed murder. The winner of the puzzle will inherit Sam's estate.

In the novel, George Theodorakis reveals that he and Violet Westing were once childhood sweethearts. They were in love and planned to marry, but Violet's mother was against the relationship. She wanted Violet to marry someone important and arranged for Violet to marry a politician instead of George. Violet was broken-hearted; she felt that the politician was a 'cheap political hack' and that he was a 'cheap crook.' George tells us that Violet's mother hand-picked the groom, believing that he might become President and end up in the White House one day. Faced with betraying her mother or marrying a man she did not love, Violet chose to commit suicide. This is why George and Violet never married even though they were in love.

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