Which themes of Lord of the Flies are relevant today?

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All of them!  Civilization, government, politics, leadership, socializing, organizing, manipulation, innocence and experience, murder, the dark side of humanity...it all very much matters today. 

Golding's theme of appearance vs. reality seems very pertinent today.  The superficial judgments made about people because of their physical appearance are exemplified in the reaction of the boys to Piggy.  "The fat boy," myopic, thin-haired, asthmatic Piggy can get little respect because of his physical state while the "fair boy" with the "golden body" is easily elected leader of the island. The sun and the darkness both act as disguisers of reality. For, the boys are often blinded by the sun and the fantasies of the littl'uns are further distorted by the shadows of the night. Indeed, this distortion of reality is how the boys conceive of "the beast."  The complexity of the perception of reality is contemplated by Ralph who ponders,

If faces were...

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