Which is that one factor you look out for while purchasing a car?

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since purchasing a car is one of the major expenditures in a person's life (usually second only to buying a house), there is usually more than just one factor involved in this decision. Certainly, one would be the final price of the car. A savvy negotiator can often reduce the asking price by $1000 or more, and most dealers are flexible enough to make a deal so that the buyer does not make his purchase elsewhere. Many people have a price range that they must honor, and many buyers look for the best deal within their range. Other considerations would certainly include the size, make and model. Many people have a specific brand in mind (be it Toyota, Ford or Lexus) and this may be the most important aspect for some. Others may have made up their mind on a specific model (such as a Ford Mustang or Volkswagen Beetle), and this may be their #1 consideration. Other buyers may simply want a large car for various reasons; for very tall people, such as basketball players, this may be the most important aspect of a purchase. Small, gas-saving economy cars are most important to other people. For some people, safety is a prime consideration. Cars such as Volvo, with excellent crash protection histories, may be the prime focus for such a person. A new trend includes environmentally conscious autos--cars that use either alternate fuels or hybrids (such as the Toyota Prius) that do not rely as significantly on gasoline.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Of course, this will differ greatly depending on the person answering.  For me, when I go to buy a car, I know what size of car I want and then I look for something that is going to give me good value for my money.

Specifically, I look at the car ratings, particularly in Consumer Reports.  I want a car that is going to be durable and reliable.  I do not want one that is going to be needing repairs all the time and I do not want one that is going to have safety issues.

What I care about is really quite boring -- I want a reliable, safe, utilitarian car for a good price.  I don't care about style, power, things like that.