Which test, Rorschach or Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, is a better resource for analyzing personality types?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When it comes to analyzing personality types MMPI-2 is considered the most comprehensive out of all the personality tests available. Keep in mind, that not all personality tests are build for the same purpose. For instance, the Rorschach is considered as a "technique" rather than a test alone because it requires a level of skill. It is also a technique because it aims to evoke in the patient the motivation to make connections and speak up.

Hence, the Rorschach is mostly useful in situations where the patient is unable to openly express emotions and, instead, something in the mirror-like and ambiguous stimulus, the inkblot, makes the patient relate to something that they see, or perceive, in it. The Rorschach is also a technique in the manner in which the information given by the patient is collected, categorized, and analyzed.

This being said, the MMPI is by far less projective and more inductive, because it asks specific questions in 10 diverse scales. The number of items make the test more viable to get the information that is required to confirm a diagnosis. Moreover, the MMPI has been restructured over time to meet the specific needs of the populations that will be tested. Therefore, as far as the participants that it reaches, the questions that it asks, the amount of times that the questions are asked, and the scale under which the questions are asked, the MMPI is the go-to source for this specific inquiry.

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