Which are the ten most meaningful , striking or emotionally charged letters?

Expert Answers
lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A response to this question would vary from reader to reader, depending upon his or her response to the novel as a whole.  To answer this question you should think about the characters and how the authors provide the reader pieces of the story, a little at a time.  The letters that mean the most are those that reveal the relationships and the development of the relationships between the characters. 

I personally was drawn into the story with Dawsy's first letter.  I was completely intrigued by his revelation of the development of the literary society during a time of war.  Letters about the how the group survived and made the best of their situation made me see the best of human nature.  I liked letters that talked about what the group read because I like to talk about books. 

On a character level, I most cared about the groups protective instincts about their fellow members, especially Kit, and the growing relationship between Kit and Juliet.  I cheered on the bravery of the characters and was sad with them too.  Letters that reveal the details of their hardships are especially moving.   My romantic heart loved the letter that revealed that Juliet was going to marry Dawsey.

Another plot issue that keep me reading was the mystery of the supposed letters of Oscar Wilde.  Letters that discussed how that was being resolved were a fun element.