Which teen characters from The Fault in Our Stars make choices that have real consequences?

Expert Answers
liesljohnson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let me suggest some characters who make choices that have consequences, and see if any of those seem interesting to you to write about.

For any of these examples, you could ask yourself these questions to help think of more to write in your paragraph:

  • What was the choice? 
  • Why did the character make this choice? If the story doesn't tell you exactly, take a good guess.
  • How long did it take the character to make this decision?
  • What were the other possible options that the character could have picked?
  • What were the consequences? 
  • Are those consequences good or bad, both, or somewhere in between?
  • Is the character totally responsible for those consequences? Why or why not?
  • How did the character's decision affect other people? 
  • What does this character's choice reveal to us, if anything? Could we learn something from it?

Now let's check out some examples. 

1. Augustus decides to attend the support group with his friend Isaac. -> He meets Hazel.

2. Isaac's girlfriend decides to break up with him right before he has his second eye removed. -> He is furious and depressed.

3. Hazel decides to continue her education with community college courses. -> Her personality becomes even more quirky and intellectual.

4. Hazel decides to never eat meat. -> She reduces the amount of deaths that she's responsible for, and comes across to others as more thoughtful but also more morbid.

5. Throughout their romance, Hazel often pretends to like things that Augustus likes, and she just lets him do things (like plan the elaborate picnic) that she's not that interested in. -> Augustus gets to express himself, have fun with Hazel, and share his interests with her.

6. Hazel decides to make her speech at the funeral "for the living." Instead of saying what she really feels, she says a bunch of comforting things and holds back her true sarcastic, intellectual view of the whole matter. -> Augustus's parents feel comfort and closure.

Of course, there are more options, but these should get you started.