Which statement best describes how Americans felt about the Korean War?  

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I assume there was supposed to be a list of statements from which to choose. Since there are no statements given, I will share with you the American reaction to the Korean War.

The American people supported our involvement in Korean War at varying levels depending on what was happening in the Korean War. The support at the beginning of the conflict was quite high. The American people had fears about the spread of communism. There were rumors that Americans had helped the Soviet Union develop an atomic bomb in 1949. There were charges that there were communists in our government. Americans remembered how the Soviet Union tried to force the Allies out of West Berlin. This resulted in the Berlin Airlift to defeat the Berlin Blockade. Our people saw communism expanding China when China became a communist nation in 1949. We also knew the communists were trying to spread their influence in Europe. Thus, when North Korea, supported by the Soviet Union, without provocation, invaded South Korea in 1950, the American people supported our involvement in the Korean conflict.

However, as the war dragged on, support for our involvement in the Korean War dropped. Americans didn’t expect to be in Korea for a long time. When the war appeared to have no end in sight, Americans became concerned that our involvement was a mistake. The length of the war was hurting Truman’s popularity. It was one reason why he didn’t run for reelection in 1952. Americans had a varying degree of support for the Korean War based mainly on what events were occurring at the time.

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