Which are the sources of water pollution?

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Water pollution can be classified by several criteria:

1. Time in which the un-purifier agent is acting

a.permanentă or systematic;



2.Concentration and composition of the water:

a. reduction of the use capacity

b. changing composition and physical appearance of water;

c.serious pollution, which makes improper for use;

d.serious pollution with toxic substances.

3.Production of pollution: a.naturală; b.artificial (anthropogenic).
4.Nature of un-purifier substances: a.physical pollution (pollution due to thermal water); b. chemical pollution(pollution from oil residues, phenols, detergents, pesticides, carcinogens, chemicals specific to industries); c.Biological pollution (pollution with pathogenic bacteria, pathogenic yeasts,parasites worms, coliforms bodies , saprophytic bacteria, fungus, algae, etc.). d.radioactive pollution. The phenomena of water pollution may take place:
-at surface (eg pollution with oil products);
-volume ( appear to suspension pollutants).
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