Which are some of the famous literary awards?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Adolescent literature is recognized each year by several major groups. They include:

NEWBERRY MEDAL.  The John Newberry Medal is the most prestigious honor given to writers of children's and adolescent literature. It is sponsored by the Association for Library Service to Children (a division of ALA, the American Library Association). It has been presented annually since 1922 and is named for the 18th publisher of children's books.

CALDECOTT MEDAL.  Also presented by the ALSC and the ALA, this award was named for Randolph Caldecott, a 19th century illustrator.

ALAN. The Assembly on Literature for Adolescents also awards a prize for outstanding teen writing each year.

YALSA. The Young Adult Library Association gives six literary awards annually for books aimed at teen reader interest.

william1941 | Student

There are hundreds of awards that are given to people who create literary works. They differ in the geographic location of the candidates, the type of literature that is written, the language of the work created and many other similar factors. Some of the most well recognized awards include the Nobel Prize for literature which has a global scope. The Man Booker prize is for writers from the British Commonwealth and Ireland.  The Pulitzer Prize which is given for several types of literature is for American authors. For a more comprehensive list of literary awards see the attached source.

krishna-agrawala | Student

I am listing below some of the major prizes and awards in literature I am aware of.

Booker Prize

Jnanpith award: This is regarded as the highest literary award  in India

Man Booker Prize for Fiction

Nobel Prize in literature: This is an international award which is perhaps the most prestigious of all awards in literature.

Pulitzer Price for history, fiction, poetry, drama, and general non-fiction

Sahitya Academy Award (India)