Which sociological perspective best describes the effects of poverty?

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Let us start by briefly defining the three sociological perspectives to enable you to answer this question. Structural functionalism is the theory that all the interconnected parts of society (schools, churches and workplaces for example) work together to maintain balance in society. According to conflict theory, life is an ongoing struggle for financial resources between those who are privileged and those who are not. Symbolic interactionism looks at how we create meaning in our interactions with others.

To answer your question, poverty causes a breakdown between the interconnected facets of society—because adults may, for example, not be going to workplaces, while children are not going to school. The effects of poverty can therefore be described best by structural functionalism. This is the only one of the three theories that can be impacted by poverty. Wherever there is poverty, there is likely to be increased crime, which creates further breakdowns in society.

I would argue that...

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