Which social media marketing tools does Sony use? What advertisement methods does Sony use? How does Sony conduct its campaigns? What are the possible risks of using social media in this way? How could Sony improve the way it uses social media for advertising/marketing? Thank you for answering these questions!

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According to Econsultancy.com, Sony has a worldwide strategy for social media that hits nearly every consumer niche: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Instagram. According to Sony itself, their statement is that they participate in social media to 

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Facebook seems to be the strongest link for Sony's page because this social media venue allows for more typing space so that users such as those who are PS4 fans can form forums. In fact, out of all of the Facebook pages that Sony has created for EACH of their products, it is no surprise that the gaming ones for PlayStation are the highest ranking ones. There are separate pages for Sony camera fanatics, and others for Sony Music Online, among many more such as smartphones, tablets, recording gear, headphones, and even casual ware. This being said, Sony has taken care of each of their demographics based on data that shows the popularity of each...

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