Which Soc visits Ponyboy while he is recovering at home in The Outsiders?

Randy Adderson visited Ponyboy while he was recovering at home in The Outsiders.

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Following the rumble, Pony stays home to recover from a severe head injury and struggles to cope with the traumatic deaths of his close friends. In chapter 11, Pony is analyzing Bob Sheldon's picture in the yearbook when Darry tells him that someone is here to see him. Pony is surprised that Randy Adderson is the visitor and offers him a cigarette when he enters the room. Randy is a timid, insecure Soc member, who is not particularly close with Pony and only visits him to discuss the upcoming trial. Randy is obviously concerned about his involvement in Bob Sheldon's death and tells Pony that his father is upset about the entire situation.

Pony cannot sympathize with Randy's situation because he is in a significantly more serious predicament. Pony informs Randy that his parents are dead, and he risks losing Darry as his guardian. Simply thinking about the upcoming hearing makes Pony sick to his stomach because he risks losing so much more than Randy. Once Randy recognizes Pony's desperate situation, he reminds him that Johnny stabbed Bob Sheldon and assures him that he has nothing to worry about if he tells the truth. Pony is still traumatized by the recent events and claims that he killed Bob Sheldon. When Randy argues that Johnny killed him, Pony raises his voice and claims that he is responsible for Bob's death. Darry overhears their conversation and eventually tells Randy to leave.

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