In the link below, which of the six steps that the author recommends should be taken in order to minimize miscommunications is most important?     read the...

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Of course, it is not possible to determine objectively which of the steps is most important.  The author clearly thinks that all of them are important.  In addition, some of the later steps could not possibly exist without the earlier steps.  That said, it can certainly be argued that the fifth step the author mentions is the most important.

In his fifth suggestion, the author says that the person delivering the messages must adjust and refine their messages through a continuous process of dialogue.  This step can be seen as the most important because it is the one that does most to ensure that the message that the listeners receive will be the one that the speaker wants to send.

This fifth step in the process involves speakers evaluating what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.  It involves them taking feedback that they have received from their audience and tweaking their communications to ensure that any misunderstandings are cleared up.  This is the most important step because it is the one in which the speakers actually think about what the audience has been hearing and adjust what they are saying to fit.