Which sentence is parallel?   1) The story "Sleeping Beauty" had to be stripped of cannibalism, sex crimes, and people being unfaithful to their spouses. 2) The old version taugth people what were punishable sins and those deserving rewards. 3) They included cannibalistics, witches, morderous parents, and animals that eat men.

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Apart from many of the structural and spelling problems of all of the sentences provided above, choice number three would be the sentence that is most closely related to parallel sentence structure. Parallel sentence structure demands that the sentence be balanced equally in importance of the nouns, verbs, or phrases that are highlighted. The third sentence equally distributes the nouns in plural form throughout the sentence structure whereas sentence number two uses verbs differently and not similarly as parallel structure dictates. ("punishable" and "deserving" are different and not structurally similar.) In order to create a sentence with parallel structure, a pattern must be created that shows balance. For example, the second sentence could be rewritten as, "The old version taught people what sins were punishable and which ones deserved rewards." The first sentence does come close to parallel structure as it uses commas to set off a series of events, but lacks the common usage of a verb to connect those elements.

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