In "The Most Dangerous Game", in what sea is Ship Trap Island located and how does it look?

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ship Trap Island is in South America, specifically in the "blood warm waters of the Caribbean sea".  Such a setting is both ominous and exotic, which sets the readers up for a story that will both surprise and scare them. 

The sea is surrounded by small and large islands to the east and North, and by Central and South America to the west and south.  It almost appears as an enclosed and circular sea, with Cuba its north boundary, Mexico its west boundary, Venezuela is south boundary, and the Virgin Islands its east boundary.  The waters of the Caribbean are warm and a clear, pale blue in color.  The sea is home to about 29% of the world's coral reefs, giving the impression that there are islands beneath the surface of the water.

Below is a link to a good map of the Caribbean Sea.

zumba96 | Student

The sea he is trapped in is the Caribbean with a ship-trap island location

whooops4 | Student

Atlantic and is traveling to

Rio de Janeiro

wendell14 | Student

it is loated a kangaroo island it look like mexico

shaida | Student

does anybody have a picture of ship trap island because i need to draw the map of it?

brad94 | Student

go to google and type in ship trap island in south america, in the caribbean Sea, east and north, and by central and south america that is how i found it.

antia6 | Student

in what sea is Ship Trap Island located

antia6 | Student

how is zarrof able to finance his life style

antia6 | Student

in what sea is Ship Trap Island located

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