In which scenes of King Lear does deception happen?

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Deception runs throughout this play. The plot is set into motion with the deceptive words of Goneril and Regan, who in act 1, scene 1 promise their father undying love and loyalty in return for his dividing his kingdom between them. These are promises they very soon betray.

Edmund is an arch deceiver. Not only does he deceive his father, Gloucester, into believing Edgar is plotting against him, he manages to convince Edgar to flee, making him look guilty. If that is not enough, Edmund betrays his father to Cornwall in act 3, scene 3, leading to his father having his eyes gouged out. Edmund doesn't care, as all he wants is to get his father's title.

Goneril betrays her husband, who she considers a weakling, in act 4, scene 2 by having an affair with Edmund. Edmund deceives Goneril by pretending he cares about her. In act 4, scene 5, Goneril learns of Edmund's deception when Regan tells her that Edmund thinks she would make a better wife for him. Edmund's deceptions put the two sisters at...

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