Which Russian leader does Snowball represent in Animal Farm?

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Snowball represents a man named Trotsky. Snowball represents the brains of the animals. He thinks strategy and he thinks for the animals' benefit.

Trotsky was one of the men who Lenin had as a right-hand man during the beginning of the institution of Communism in Russia around 1917. Trotsky might have been a good predecessor of Lenin following his 1924 death. However, Stalin (the Napoleon character) did away with Trotsky early on by exiling him from the USSR.

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Snowball in Orwell's "Animal Farm" is the counterpart of Leon Trotsky (1879-1940). Trotsky believed in what in Marxist jargon is known as "permanent revolution," that is, the people must continue to struggle against the bourgeoise and capitalists and not stop after having won a few victories. Snowball also preaches the same Marxist doctrine of 'permanent revolution.' Snowball like Trotsky initiated the 'five year plans.' Just like how Trotsky was an excellent commander of the Red Army, Snowball is also good at commanding the animals who had revolted against Mr. Jones. Stalin and Trotsky quarrelled and Trotsky had to flee Russia. Similarly, Napoleon {Stalin} and Snowball quarrel and Snowball has to flee from Animal Farm

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Snowball is representing leon Trotsky in the novel who is chassed away by Stallin after the death of Lennin.

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