Which of the rights assured under the Bill of Rights is most significant, and why? Which of the rights assured under the Bill of Rights is most significant, and why?  

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most significant of these rights is the right to freedom of speech.  This right has been called the "guardian of every other right."  For this reason, it is the most significant.

If we lose other of our rights, we can use our freedom of speech to protest the loss.  This can allow us to regain those other rights through political action.  For example, a gun rights activist might say that they have lost their Second Amendment rights.  However, through free speech (and the fact that that freedom allows interest groups like the NRA to operate), they are gradually winning back this freedom.

As long as we have the freedom of speech, we can argue for our other rights.  If our freedom of speech were taken away, how would we persuade the government to give it back?

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think the right to free speech is important, because it prevents the government from abusing citizens.  However, the right to freedom of the press is also very important because it keeps the government from manipulating its citizens by controlling the truth.

eroe33 | Student

When the Continental Congress was writing and debating the Constitution that would govern our land, the Bill of Rights was considered to be the most important laws.  All ten articles were considered important and necessary by our founding fathers.  Though some people consider a few of the rights "out dated" and in need of reform.  However, the Bill of Rights has guided congress throughout our history when laws have been created and has been a useful tool for judges in their rulings.  Article I is often the most talked about and for good reason.  This article allows us to gather and protest peacefully, receive unbiased news, worship (or not) how we see fit, and to voice our opinions without fear of being arrested.  But, in my opinion, the most important is Article X.  This amendment grants the individual states to decide all matters that are not granted to the federal government by the Constitution.  This amendment provides local and state governments the authority to make decisions on those levels without interference on the federal level, unless those decisions go against the Constitution.