Which revolution took place during the 1990s?

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Dozens of revolutions occurred around the world between the years of 1990 and 2000. 

In Europe, revolutions in the 1990s include the National Democratic Revolution of Albania ('90-'92), the Log Revolution of Croatia ('90-'95), and the Kosovo Rebellion ('97-'99). In Asia, revolutions include the Kurdish and Shiite Uprisings in Iraq ('91), the Afghan uprising against the Taliban ('92), the First Chechen Rebellion against Russia ('94-'96), the Indonesian Revolution ('98), and student protests in Iran ('99). In Africa, revolutions include the First Tuareg Rebellion in Niger and Mali ('90-'95), the Ethiopian Democratic Revolution ('91), and civil wars in Sierra Leone ('91-'02) and the Republic of the Congo ('97-'99). In the Americas, revolutions occurred in the state of Chiapas, Mexico ('94), and Venezuela ('98).

Many of these revolutions have had long-lasting effects, resulting in continued waves of conflict throughout the world. 

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