Which reaction can occur by introducing Silicium poreux in an aqueous Lithium Bromide solution?

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Silica matrix encapsulates lithium bromide by means of sol-gel method. The xerogel structure is obtained  by hydrolysis and condensation of tetraethyl orthosilicate, by drying at environment temperature and substitution of ethanol from a gelatinous suspension dispersed in an alcohol.

subsequent liquid-phase oxidative removal of the porous silicon layer via an oxidation reaction that affords bromide-capped silicon nanocrystals and other smaller halide containing silicon polymers (chemgroups.ucdavis.edu)

The properties of silica based nanocomposites have increased their chances of being used in technological applications.

Formation of hybrid materials represents the result of incorporation of inorganic salts into silica gel, porous carbons or alumina adsorbents. The physical structure of hybrid materials keeps the properties of both pure salts and solid adsorbents. Hybrid materials have an increased affinity to methanol vapour, water and ammonia.

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