In 1984, which quotes show that Julia is resourceful?

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In 1984, Julia's resourcefulness is one of her most striking characteristics, and this is shown from her very first meeting with Winston. After falling over in front of the telescreen, Julia takes Winston's hand and is able to transfer a slip of paper to him, without anybody noticing, even Winston himself. In fact, it is only after the meeting that he realises what has happened:

"In the two or three seconds while he was helping her up the girl had slipped something into his hand. There was no question that she had done it intentionally."

In addition, Julia is very resourceful when it comes to arranging meetings with Winston. It is her idea, for example, to meet in the woods, and she uses her knowledge of the Party's surveillance techniques to keep their liaisons secret and to avoid detection:

"We can come here once again," said Julia. "It’s generally safe to use any hide-out twice. But not for another month or two, of course."

Finally, Julia is also very adept at overcoming the problem of rationing to secure certain goods for herself and Winston. She procures chocolate from the Black Market, for instance, using her clean-cut image to deflect attention from her activities, as she explains to Winston:

"I always look cheerful and I never shirk anything. Always yell with the crowd, that’s what I say. It’s the only way to be safe."

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