Which quotes from Book 1 demonstrate that Wart is seeking knowledge?

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There are many passages that could be quoted to show that Wart was seeking knowledge throughout Book 1 of The Once and Future King. Particularly when he is bored, Wart goes to Merlyn and asks for some more "eddication," since Wart quickly realizes that Merlyn's teaching methods are great adventures as well as learning experiences.

Aside from direct questions, Wart seeks knowledge through his interactions with the characters he meets throughout the book. When Master Twyti organized the boar hunt, Wart recognized his opportunity to watch a master hunter in action.

He watched the lymerer who held the two bloodhound dogs...He saw how, one by one and ending with the gaze-hounds - who did not hunt by scent - the various hounds became uneasy and began to whimper with desire.

Wart also gains knowledge about many topics and concerns through his experiences as different animals. Most of the lessons become important formative forces that impact his outlook and actions upon becoming king. Consider the lesson he learned from Lyo-lyok the goose.

The sentries," he asked. "Are we at war?...A person can ask, I suppose. It seems a natural question, with the sentries."..."of course there are sentries. There are the jer-flacons and the peregrines, aren't there...These are natural enemies. But what creature could be so low as to go about in bands, to murder others of its own blood?"

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