Which quote in Great Expectations best displays the fact that Miss Havisham is a lonely, isolated character?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The quote that best represents Miss Havisham’s isolation and loneliness comes near the end of the book, when Miss Havisham confronts Estella about her decision to marry Bentley Drummle.  Miss Havisham asks Estella how she can be so cold and heartless, and Estella tells her she is what Miss Havisham made her. 

“O, look at her, look at her!… so hard and thankless, on the hearth where she was reared! Where I took her into this wretched breast when it was first bleeding from its stabs, and where I have lavished years of tenderness upon her!” (Chapter XXXVIII, p. 206)

Miss Havisham’s response shows that she is not heartless after all.  She does seem to care about Estella, and think of her as a daughter.  She is actually hurt that Estella does not have more compassion for her.  She does not seem to understand what she has done to Estella.

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