Which is a provision of the Endangered Species Act?

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Due to selective and excessive exploitation of a few selected species without proper management practices for their regeneration, and due to destruction of certain natural ecosystem, there is total extinction of a number of species. Once a species becomes extinct, that combination of gene pool is permanently lost and man no more can recover it for future use. Therefore, conservation of endangered plant resources is all the more important. Each disappearing species takes with it other dependent species of insects or higher animals etc.

The aims of endangered species act are 1) protection of natural habitats through controlled, limited exploitation of species. 2) maintenance of the viable number of species in protected areas. 3) establishment of Biosphere Reserves for plants and animal species.

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The Endangered Species Act (ESA) exist to (1) prevent the extinction of plants and animals that are at risk (of becoming extinct) and (2) to remove (or lessen) the threats that are leading to their harm or chance for survival. In order to accomplish these goals, one of the act's provisions is that at-risk wildlife, fish and plants will be listed as endangered on the Endangered Species List. Another provision is that individuals are prohibited from possessing, owning, transporting, selling, or taking (harming, wounding, hunting, killing, or otherwise threatening) any species (wildlife, fish, plants) listed on the Endangered Species List (and thereby protected by the Endangered Species Act).