which property of water is responsible for formation of land and sea breeze?  

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Liquid water has a large number of hydrogen bonds of great strength in between various molecules (intermolecular H-bonds) and therefore, more heat energy must be added to speed up molecular movement and raise water temperature than would be necessary in a substance held together by weaker bonds. In fact, liquid water’s heat capacity is among the highest of all known substances. This means that water can absorb (or release) large amounts of heat while changing relatively little in temperature. One of the natural manifestations of such a high specific heat of water is formation of land and sea breezes.

When the Sun shines during the day, the land (sand, soil and stones - all having much less specific heat compared to water) gets heated much faster than the sea water.  Consequently, the air above the land becomes much warmer and rarefied than the air above the sea. This causes the air from the sea blow towards the land, giving rise to cool sea breeze.

During the night, for specific heat reasons, the land cools faster than the sea. A sequence of events in the reverse direction gives rise to warmer air from the land blow towards the sea. This is the land breeze.

The property of high specific heat of water is therefore, responsible for the formation of land and sea breezes.

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