Which are the presentation forms of drugs?

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parkerlee eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If I understand your question correctly, consider the following ways to administer medication, to name a few:

pills or tablets to be swallowed (with a gulp) with water

pills, tablets, powder, syrup or droplets to be dissolved in water and then swallowed

tablets or losanges to dissolve in the mouth or mouthwash to be gargled, then spat out

eye, ear and nose droplets applied directly for local inflammation or infection

creams, oils, lotions, gels, salves, etc rubbed in and absorbed directly into the skin (sprays as well)

patches or a cataplasm with the active ingredient in direct contact with the skin

vapour from a hot solution inhaled (adtive ingredient dissolved in water)

medicated suppositories or enemas administered with a syringe in the anus or vagina

injections in the skin tissue or directly into a vein

certain light treatment (for example blue light for jauntice or infrared)

even marijuana to be smoked (pallative treatment for chronic pain)

implants with a reserve of medication to be released upon demand

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giorgiana1976 | Student

Medicine is a natural or synthetic substance used in
medical practice for prevention, improvement or cure
diseases. Are considered medicines and materials used for
diagnostic investigations. Medicines are presented in different formulations:

-medicinal powder which is absorbed quickly in the digestive tract, because the great contact surfaces. It has the advantage that the patient benefits of all active factors from the plant. It has the disadvantage that it preserves
more difficult, due to it's decomposition in the air and

-capsules are coatings used to cover drugs
solid, soft or liquid, in order to mask their taste unpleasant smell, as well as to conduct drug action (shell withstands to gastric juices and unwind only in intestine);

-pills are solid spherical pharmaceutical forms and weighing between 0,10-0,50 g, obtained from one or more active substances and with different excipients. They are swallowed without chewing. They are preserved better, and their actions may be conducted;

-tablets are formulations of solid consistency, with
part of the cylinder or disk. They are taken orally or dissolved in a certain amount of water. They are dosed accurately;

-another form of tablets are solid dosage forms covered by a protective layer  in order to mask unpleasant taste and smell of the substance and to conduct and action in the intestine;

-solutions are evenly distributed forms of active drug
in a liquid (usually water). The solutions can be simple or

Medicines will be kept in dark vessels to be protected from light and also moisture (especially plant and animal drugs).

sgltai | Student

the presentation of drugs:-

1- Solution ( ampules) for injection or inhalition

2- Powder ( vial ) for injection

3- powder ( bottele) for diluted and given oral

4- Tablet or Capsul for oral or sublingul administration

5-Cream or Ointment for application on the skin 

6- Syrup for oral intake