Which pod does Salim go on when they're at the Eye in Siobhan Dowd's book The London Eye Mystery?

Expert Answers
Tamara K. H. eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It's difficult to say exactly which pod Salim got into when he boarded the London Eye in Siobhan Dowd's The London Eye Mystery since all pods on the ride are unmarked and pretty much the same. Still, Ted and Kat kept very careful track of Salim's pod, so we can say when Salim boarded, when he arrived at the top, and when the pod landed from which he was supposed to emerge but did not. We can even say who exited Salim's pod.

Ted, the story's careful narrator, notes that the ticket collector called for boarders of the next pod at 11:30 am. It took only 2 minutes for 21 passengers to board the pod; therefore, the pod's doors closed and the pod took off at 11:32 AM. Ted knows this means Salim's pod will land again at 12:02 PM. Kat and Ted continue to watch as Salim's pod climbs higher into the sky up the wheel. Ted notes that watching the pod was like watching a "huge clock" moving counterclockwise (54). Since they are keeping such careful track of Salim's pod, at exactly 11:47, both kids shout "NOW!" when Salim's pod reaches the top of the wheel (56). Ted continues to keep careful track as the pod makes its way back down. Ted remembers that an automatic camera has been set up "somewhere between eight and seven o'clock" to snap souvenir pictures, and Ted watches the people in Salim's pod gather together for their photo as they approach the camera; the people look only like dark shadows. Just as Ted calculated, Salim's pod lands at 12:02, but Salim does not emerge from his pod.

The two kids watch expectantly as Japanese tourists, the "girl in the fluffy jacket" and her boyfriend, a large white-haired man wearing a raincoat, a thin blonde-haired woman, a short gray-haired man, and two African women with four African children all emerge from the pod, all smiling and sometimes laughing (57). Ted and Kat keep watching other pods unload, but Salim still does not appear.