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"To Sir with Love" is a story about a black male teacher who goes to England where he teaches adolescents from the hardcore district of the slums of the inner city.  The girls have no self-respect and demonstrate poor personal hygiene and the boys act like thugs and fondle the girls.  None of the kids respect the teachers and they are oppositional and defiant.

Mr. Braithwaite tackles the challenge with a direct approach.  He recognizes that the students need more than just education from a book.  He sees they need to learn good hygiene and to respect themselves and one another.  Through his consistency, high expectations, and character he teaches them to become better behaved young adults.

The students mature and begin to demonstrate gratitude for their teacher who they have dubbed "Sir."

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" To Sir With Love" is a novel written by E.R. Braithewaite. This novel is also adapted for a well-known movie with the same name, where the lead role is played by Sidney Poitier. The novel is a fine study of various characters. The novel is a clear demonstration that given whatever circumstances and time, human beings can change and adapt.

The story is beautiful and touching, where Braithewaite, a Black engineer, starts his teaching career with a set of tough students. He has a preconceived idea that they are rough, unintelligent and racially intolerant. The student’s play pranks on him, but he manages to keep his cool. Slowly yet steadily, he begins to understand his students, and they him. He teaches them to respect themselves and others. The fact that they are able to get rid of their prejudices and preconceived notion proves to be the main theme of this novel.



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