Which pig writes the poem praising Napoleon?

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In chapter 8, Napoleon is given numerous prestigious titles, and Squealer even sheds tears as he publicly praises Comrade Napoleon for his wisdom and benevolence. A pig named Minimus demonstrates his love and reverence for Napoleon by writing a poem praising his leadership. In the poem, Minimus compares Napoleon to a "fountain of happiness" and likens his commanding eye to the "sun in the sky." The poem also praises Napoleon for keeping each animal fed and improving the standard of living on the farm. Napoleon is also portrayed as a wise father figure and protector of all animals. Minimus's poem emphasizes the extensive propaganda machine that bolsters support for Napoleon. Ironically, Napoleon is responsible for the terrible living conditions on the farm and continually reduces food rations, leaving the majority of the animals malnourished and starving. Napoleon approves of Minimus's poem and has it written on the wall of the barn adjacent to the Seven Commandments.

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You can find the answer to this question quite early on in Chapter 8.  The answer is that Minimus wrote the poem.  He is a pig who is seen as the best writer among the pigs on the farm.  The poem he writes in Chapter 8 is called Comrade Napoleon.

The poem is essentially a hymn to Napoleon.  By this point, all of the animals are being pushed toward adoring Napoleon as sort of a state religion, almost.  This is supposed to represent the way that Joseph Stalin was so admired and adored in the Soviet Union.

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