Which philosophy of life can one infer Saki prefers in "Reginald's Choir Treat?"

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Saki, in "Reginald's Choir Treat," illuminates two very different philosophies of life. On one hand, one can live life conservatively and religiously (as depicted by Amabel). On the other hand, one could live a life which challenges the rules and regulations established by the majority. 

Since Reginald is the main character of Saki's "Reginald's Choir Treat," one can assume that Saki most agrees with a life which challenges the norm. Since Reginald is the character which many of Saki's texts revolve around ("Reginald on Christmas Presents," "Reginald in Russia," and "Reginald Goes to the Academy"), one can only assume that Saki would only spend that much time on a character to whom he relates to or supports.