Which persuasive devices does the inspector use in his final speech?

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As the inspector is leaving the Birlings' house, he says that although Eva Smith is dead, "there are millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us, with their lives, with hopes and fears." He reminds the family that members of society are responsible for each other. The persuasive device that the inspector is using is pathos, or appealing to the emotions of the Birling family, to convince them that what they all did to Eva Smith is wrong and that they have a responsibility for people in the working class. He also says that if people don't learn that lesson, they will eventually have to learn it "in fire and blood and anguish." Again using pathos, he reminds the audience of the anguish that they will continue to cause if they don't amend their ways. To reinforce his point, he also uses the device of repetition, as he repeats the words "millions" and "with." His repetition of these words reinforces the idea that the society is made up of countless people like Eva Smith, who upper class people like the Birlings are taking advantage of.

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