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What perspective in psychology, either historical or current, makes the least sense to you? and why?

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Given the scope of such a question, I imagine answers could be across the board, so I will try to narrow mine to a field of psychology with which I believe I have immediate personal and professional experience, and that is child psychology.

I first became interested in child psychology with Glasser's Reality Therapy and Choice Theory.  His ideas, brought down to their most basic components, are not only how I've chosen to view students and behavioral change in my classroom, but in many ways, how I parent my own children.

This, among other reasons, is why I simply cannot wrap my mind around what is referred to in more modern parenting-psychology as "attachment parenting."  At its core, attachment theory sounds completely healthy, full of love, and mostly harmless, as its main goal is to provide physical and emotional security to children through physical touch, availablity,...

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