Which characters commit adultery in the novel "Like Water for Chocolate"?

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Jessica Akcinar eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In "Like Water for Chocolate," Tita and Pedro are fiercely in love. Because tradition dictates that the youngest daughter does not marry and cares for her aging parents, Pedro fails to gain Tita's hand in marriage when he speaks to her mother. Instead, he is offered Rosaura, Tita's older sister. She is the middle sister and is not yet married. He agrees to marry Rosaura but only because he sees this as his only chance to be near Tita, for her mother will never allow her to marry.

For years, Tita and Pedro fight their urges to consumate their love. However, after Tita's fiancee leaves one night, jealous Pedro enters the room. After an intense argument, Tita and Pedro have sex.

Although technically Pedro is the only one to commit adultery during he course of the novel, it is suggested that perhaps Tita's mother also fell victim to lust/love. Tita discovers that her eldest sister, Gertrudis, is the illegitimate daughter of a black man. Also, because Tita was engaged when she and Pedro slept together, she too can be considered an adulterer.

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