In which parts of the body can we find bones?  

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The body is comprised of bones.  Altogether, the body contains about 206 bones.  The greatest number of bones can be found in the hand, which contains 26 separate bones.  Bones are prevalent throughout the body because they provide structure to the body, protect vital organs, and carry important nutrients within bones' cavities (spaces).  The bone's hard exterior makes it excellent to protect vital organs.  The rib cage is an example of such a protection mechanism.  In addition, the bone's soft interior makes it perfect to hold marrow and chemicals for blood cells.  Where two bones meet is called a joint, and this provides movement within the body as well as helping bodily interior movements, such as digestion.  Three types of joints are the hinge joint, allowing movement such as the elbow, ball and socket joint, allowing circular movement in the shoulder, and a pivot joint, as found in the wrist.

mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The ears are not made of bone. Most of the nose is also the  made of cartilage, not bone.  This is why ears and noses elongate as one ages, for no bone grows or lengthens after one has become an adult.  It is also why it is possible for surgeons to reshape people's noses or repair or "remake" their ears.

Bones involved in the nose are at the root of the nose, which is part of the frontal bone, (forehead bone). Also, there are two small nasal bones a little lower (on the "bridge") and a bony part to the septum which separates the nostrils. Everything else under the flesh of the nose is cartilage.

afxghfdx | Student

Those part of the body that need for the protection of the organs and the support are composed of bones. The functions of the bone complete suggest the requirement of them in the parts.

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