In which part of a river is a waterfall usually found ?I remember it was something like near a tributary or something....

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Waterfalls can happen in any part of a river's system where massive erosion or an abrupt steepening of the river's channel exists.

Waterfalls are very erosive. The power with which the water pours over a waterfall continually erodes away at both the material the water pours past and the material the water lands upon.

"Blockage of a preexisting channel" can cause waterfalls to form. Debris from land erosion or the hardness or softness of the underlying rock can cause diversion of water flow and produce a waterfall.

Essentially, waterfalls are the result of massive erosion. Waterfalls, then, can exist in any part of a river where the erosion has been massive enough to allow the water of the river to fall.

notarichman | Student

i seem to remember that there are a lot of waterfalls on the eastern side of the applachian mtns.  check out whether there is tilting there.

iceland has a lot of waterfalls there as well. check out where and why.

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