Which part of China did Japan invade in 1931?

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In 1931, Japan invaded and conquered the part of China that is commonly known as Manchuria.  This is a region in the northeastern part of China (some people define it to include areas that are part of Russia as well).  The Japanese set up a puppet state in Manchuria.  The puppet state was called Manchukuo.  It remained as a Japanese puppet state until the end of World War II.

In 1931, Japan had an internationally-recognized right to run and to protect a railroad through Manchuria.  For this reason, Japan had troops in Manchuria even though it was part of China.  In September of 1931, rogue Japanese troops set off a very small explosion near to Japan’s railroad.  The explosion was blamed on China and used as a pretext for the invasion.  This incident is known as the Mukden Incident.


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