Which of the pairs consists of equivalent rational numbers?-9 /15 and -3 /5

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We get an eqivalent fraction (rational number )if we multiply both numerator and dinominator of the fraction bythe same number

The given numbers are -9/15 , -3/5, only one pair, and they are equivakent forhe following reason:

(-3*3)/(5*3) = -9/15, both the numerator and dinominators  of the fraction -3/5 are multipled by 3 and we got the -9/15.

Therefore, -3/5 and -9/15 are equivalent fraction (rational numbers).

Also if both numerator and dinominator of a rational number are divided by the same number, then also we get arational number.

(-9/3)/(15/3) =-3/5. Therefore, -9/15  and -3 /5 are  fractions (rational numbers).


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