Which other 5 ideas does he suggest, other than eating children as a solution and why?

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Towards the end of his essay, after he has made his "modest proposal" and done his best to support his claim by a variety of rhetorical techniques, he then presents his "real" ideas for ameliorating the conditions of famine in Ireland, but interestingly, and very ironically, he begins this section by stating:

Therefore let no man talk to me of other expedients...

He then lists his ideas, which are as follows: taking absentee landlords, Irish-made goods, promoting frugality amongst the Irish and lastly preventing shopkeepers from cheating the public.

Swift had at one time or another suggested these as serious ideas, but they had all been ignored by the government. In the essay these ideas are presented in italics to highlight the fact that these are Swift's "serious" solutions to the famine.

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