Which option due you prefer online shopping or local stores for buying Kitchen Products?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a good question that can be answered from a variety of rationales. 

Keeping the local market active- people who buy from the "mom and pop" shops that sell products locally outside of a franchise may be doing so to re-invest the money that they spend back into their local community. This is a choice that many people take, since the more money you spend on your community stores, the more chances you give the small business owner to continue to invest in order to bring back newer products.

Crowd-free convenience- even the most celebrated of all American shopping traditions, Black Friday (Midnight on Thanksgiving Day and then the rest of the day), is now avaliable as an online shopping experience. According to CNN.com, last year the online sales on Black Friday topped one billion dollars, which shows that it is no difference going online than going on foot to shop; it does not affect business either way.

U.S. consumers spent a record $1.042 billion online on Black Friday, a 26% increase over the same day last year, according to new figures from comScore, an Internet analytics firm (CNN, 2012) 

Tale-tell experience- shoppers who enjoy the "hussle and buzzle" of waiting on foot for sales, or haggling with other consumers, using the perks of hard-copy coupons, and experiencing the crowds at the shopping malls are often dubbed the "tale tell" shoppers because part of the excitement of their own shopping experience is the acquisition of new stories to tell at work, church, or to their family members. These types of consumers are individuals who enjoy the dynamics of shopping ,whether negative or positive,  simply because they draw in a newer experience through the interactions that take place in the process. 

From a personal experience, to cite an example, I prefer the crowd-free convenience of online shopping. It is reasonable shopping with no waiting involved, more time to compare and contrast products, conduct market research, and post my personal reviews if I wish to do so. However, as a small business owner, I make the point to use the local market for smaller products. Kitchen products may be included on my list, but it is the point of investing in the local market at least for 20% of the total shopping budget in order to keep the local economy going. The money you spend shopping at franchises you could, for example, invest back into the community by getting one or two articles at a chamber of commerce-sponsored small business. This is the case with kitchen products and all other products.

The reason why consumers may gravitate towards online shopping for kitchen products is because some consumers might find it tedious to go to a store to figure out what to get. Some consumers may not even want to ask for help for fear of being told what to get only to benefit the salesperson. Therefore, online shopping remains a preferred choice for customers, myself included, for the variety of selections that can be made. Also, online shopping alerts you when a product is out of stock so you can put yourself on a wait-list and get it when it is first made available. In the end, it all depends on your convenience and your wish for shopping. As for me, I love buying from home!

atyourservice | Student

I prefer to go to a shop for kitchen appliances, because then i can check the quality of the goods and I am sure the thing I am getting is what I want. Ordering online is a bit risky if you arent sure of your product.

udonbutterfly | Student

 I believe there are pro's and cons to shopping both online and in person for kitchen products.

When it comes to shopping in person you are able to actually see and feel the quality of the kitchen products before you buy it however I can usually find the same product online for a much cheaper price.

Now when it comes to shopping online it may be cheap on certain sites but some times the quality is not worth it and since you can not physically see it and then when it arrives it's basically a lost cause. But there are a lot of good quality cheap things it's just you have to look.