Which one is more in danger when it molts?Arthropods and birds both molt. For which of these creatures is molting more dangerous? Briefly explain your answer by comparing the two molting processes. 

cgrant2 | Student

Molting is a processes in which various animals shed their exoskeleton or epidermis. In birds, the molting process invovlves shedding feathers that have become old and worn down. For birds, the molting process in benefical because they allow the bird to replace their features. Feathers are important in maintain body temperature and regulate birds during flight. Some birds go into hiding when they shed the feathers on their wings because they are unable to fly. This could make it difficult to escape predators. Arthropods undergo molting in order to grow. In some anthropods, it takes days for the new exoskeleton to get hard leaving the animal vulnerable to attack. I believe anthropods are in more danger because they relay more on their exoskeleton for defense whereas birds use their feather to regulate body temperature. 

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