Which of the evidence-based decision-making implementation principles is consistent with the idea of recognizing failure to promote innovation? Provide examples to support your conclusions.

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Evidence-based management is where the manager uses scientific research and sources to make decisions—the manager doesn’t rely on experience alone. Four main principles assist managers in implementing this management style. First, a manager shouldn’t just accept suggestions and solutions to management problems. They must demand evidence. If someone thinks that a certain action will help the organization, they should provide evidence of where the action was used before and how it helped. Second, the manager must analyze the reasoning behind the evidence. Is the action logical given the firm’s condition, position, and financial position? Third, the manager should ask for other logical suggestions based on that evidence and encourage employees to experiment and try out their theories. Fourth, the manager should inspire employees to embrace knowledge. They should be ready and willing to learn something new.

In this question, the idea of recognizing failure to promote innovation is consistent with the third principle of evidence-based management. As mentioned earlier, the third principle urges managers to handle the organization as an unfinished prototype and encourage experimentation. Employees should try out their ideas to see if they succeed or fail. They should embrace failure because it allows them to learn and know what they shouldn’t do. Having learnt from the previous mistake, the worker can create a more successful experiment.

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