Which of Robin William's American values contradict the six characteristics of democracy (citizen rule, majority rule/minority rights, individual rights, free and open elections, citizen participation, and cooperation/compromise)?

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Sociologist Robin Williams accurately pointed out that a main component of American democracy was (and continues to be) white supremacy. Robin Williams identified the twelfth of his "12 American Core Values" as racism and group superiority. Considering that the entire history of the United States from its colonial roots to the present day is completely rooted in racism and nationalism, this assertion by Robin Williams carries much merit. Of course, it shouldn't be a core value for any group of people, but the reality is that this country was founded on the genocide and forced displacement of millions of indigenous people and the brutal enslavement of millions of black people.

Today, young black men are 2.5 times more likely to be shot and killed by the police than their white counterparts precisely because of racism. Today, thousands of adults and children (mostly indigenous/of indigenous descent) seeking asylum and attempting to survive by crossing the arbitrary man-made border known as the US/Mexico border are being detained in horrific conditions in what amounts to kennels and makeshift facilities precisely because of racism and nationalism. Young children are dying in ICE custody, but because white supremacy is such a rooted and core part of American society, it continues. This core value that Williams identified may seem to be contradictory to democratic values, but it is certainly in line with how governments operate.

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