Which of the numbers 3 / 5 and 3 / 6 is greater?

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3/6 can be reduced to 1/2 which is 0.5

3/5 can be changed to 6/10 which is 0.6


3/5 is greater than 3/6 because 0.6 is greater than 0.5

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Clearly, 3/5 is greater than 3/6.  You may figure this out mathematically or you may figure it out simply by logic.

By logic, look at what a these fractions mean.  In three fifths, you are taking three and dividing it five times.  In 3/6, you are taking the same three and dividing it six times.  If you cut a pie in five pieces, the slices will be bigger than if you cut it in six pieces.  Therefore 3/5 is greater.

You can figure this mathematically as well.  The least common multiple of 6 and 5 is 30 so we will make both into fractions with 30 on the bottom.

We multiply the first fraction by 6 and get 18/30 and we multiply the second by 5 and get 15/30.  18 is more than 15, so the first number is greater.

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