Which is not considered a "state"? a. Kurds b. Egypt  c. Iraq  d. tunisia Once you find the answer, why isn't the above nation a state?

Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The correct answer to this question is "a."  A state is a country that has defined geographical borders, a government, and a people who have enough common identity to consider themselves as part of the entity.  This is true for now of Egypt, Iraq, and Tunisia. The Kurds are an ethnic group without any country to call their own. They have a small bit of autonomy in a few sections of Iraq, with Kurdish elected officials, something tolerated by the powers that be in Iraq, at least for now,  mostly because the Kurdish are a great fighting force against Islamic terrorists and because the Iraqi government has been otherwise distracted by so many problems since the United States invaded it looking for weapons of mass destruction.  The future of Iraq as a viable state is completely uncertain, besieged as it is by the instabilities created by our invasion, secular fragmentation, the terrorists, the threat of Iran, and the Kurdish "problem," which is that the Kurds really would like to have a country to call their own, free from the ethnic cleansing that has been a threat to them for a very long time.