Which is not a cartilaginous joint? a) First costochondral joint b) Intervertebral joint c) Second costochondral joint d) First sternocostal joint e) Second sternocostal joi

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A cartilaginous joint is a joint that is connected completely by cartilage.  The costochondral joints and the sternocostal joints are where the ribs connect to the sternum with cartilage. The vertebra are connected with disks not with cartilage and therefor the answer is "B" as a disk is made of connective tissue and a gel center to absorb shock.

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 Intervertebral joint. This is a joint between the vertebral bones in your spine, there is a disc in between instead of the typical cartilage. 

  The various specialized encyclopedias and used the term "intervertebral disc", and the term "intervertebral disc".

  Intervertebral disc (less intervertebral disc) - fibro-cartilage formation of ring-shaped plates and connective nucleus pulposus in the center between two adjacent vertebral bodies of the spine. The disk is part of the cartilage of the compound (facet joint), which provides mobility of the spine.