Which is NOT an archetype in METAMORPHOSES: A formerly perfect existence; a god battling a devil; a world created in stages; or a chaotic universe?

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Do you mean Kafka's The Metamorphosis or Metamorphoses by John Cheever or Metamorphosis by Lousie Gluck?  I'm not sure what Metaplanetary is, some Sci-Fi novel?

Of these, I would say that "a formerly perfect existence" is not an archetype.  It's seems made up.  Certainly it's unrealistic.  I don't know of any work of literature that is about a perfect existence.  Why?  Because it doesn't exist.

The others are archetypes, I think.  Certainly "a god battling a devil" is archetypal.  I've read that somewhere before, I think.

"A world created in stages" is how just about every creation story in literature begins, so you can cross that one off.

"A chaotic universe" is new, but it's been done to death lately by the absurdists and existentialists.  That's not it.

So, it's "a formerly perfect existence."

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